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Time is Money

The only thing in life you can’t get back is time

Our business is here to provide you with time 

Global network of connections

Access to below market rates

Personal service for all clients

Service requests accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year



RandR fulfill our clients’ dreams. Luxury or economical, RandR will still provide the same service beginning to end, tailor-made to match our clients’ requirements. RandR book everything, from transport, transfers, hotels, villas, yachts, to car rental. Glamping, spa days, and tours are all possible through our global partners. Connecting our clients with the best for their budget. Soak up the sun or cruise down the mountain on a snowboard. Romantic getaway or personal retreat. Why not explore and experience our beautiful world without the hassle of organisation and booking.


RandRs’ food and catering partners come with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Food and catering is not just business but a passion. With a network of restaurants and chefs that can provide the ultimate dining experience. Whether it’s a specific restaurant a client wants or cuisine inspiration, RandR Concierge will advise and book. Our clients dine in the most luxurious restaurants around the world and eat amazing food on a budget.


Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Real Estate

RandR enable our clients in their search for the perfect property. Short term rental or purchasing, we can assist in the process, making it simple for our client. The housing market conditions of the world are as predictable as the British weather so the search for a perfect property can be time consuming. With extensive knowledge and experience we will listen to our clients’ requirements and guide them to the right market. 


RandR's lifestyle services are unique and set us apart in the industry. Our lifestyle concierge offers a range of services directly from RandR or through our certified partners. Each aspect of Lifestyle gives our client excellence and luxury. RandR’s Lifestyle is designed to enrich our clients experience in their day-to-day lives. Consultancy for clients to improve their relationships, careers and day-to-day lives, or luxury film and photography services specialising in great visual story telling are just some of the exclusive services within lifestyle.





With RandR you can elevate your style from the comfort of your own home. Our partner Personal Stylist offers the following services to RandR Members. 


RandR Concierge removes the hassle and stress of organisation, leaving our clients with time – time to rest and relax, while we are working to connect clients with people and businesses around the world for a bespoke experience to meet specific needs. We provide concierge for both personal and corporate clients focusing on the best customer experience so our clients can achieve more with their time. Each aspect of RandR is tailor-made to each clients’ requirements, whether it’s competitive rates or luxury.

About Us
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Why Us

Client First

Personal service and client happiness is our top priority. As a small business our clients get an intimate experience.

Global Network

First class connections are standard. Referring our clients to the highest level of vetted partners and businesses worldwide.

Memories of a Lifetime

Our world is beautiful. A bespoke service provides our clients the ability to create hassle free memories around the world.


Meet our CEO – Alice Walton, the founder of RandR Concierge Ltd is a multi-talented, well-travelled and connected woman who has had many experiences in life. As an ex-international athlete, she is dedicated and hard working. Basketball provided the opportunity to see the world from a young age. Representing England and Great Britain from age 14 meant international competition around Europe. At 17 she moved to America without her family on scholarship to a high school in Pennsylvania. Later attending both a Junior College and a Division 1 HBCU, Bethune Cookman in Florida. After exploring the opportunity to play professional basketball in Malta she chose to begin a business career in the UK. During her professional career she has worked in Sport, Sports Administration and Property Development whilst using her passion of travel to build a network of people and businesses around the world. RandR Concierge was born from these networks. People would often use her knowledge and experience to help them make connections, find the best places to go and businesses to use or visit.

Today, RandR Concierge works to connect you with people and business around the world for a bespoke experience to meet your specific needs.


RandR Network/Partner Standards


When advising, referring, or booking our clients, RandR have a high standard. It is essential our partners meet this standard to uphold a level of excellence and ensure client satisfaction. 



A powerful source of information in service standards. Online customer reviews have an impact on ratings. It is essential that RandR partners and referrals are in the top bracket of online reviews. 

Response time 

The personalised and intimate service that we offer means communication is key. To provide an appropriate response to the client, the partners and businesses RandR work with must ensure a fast reply to any request.  

Commitment to Excellence 

Regardless of budget, each business we work with must have a commitment to provide the best service possible. 

Accuracy and transparency 

No hidden fees or terms and conditions. Our clients must have full transparency with their transactions and interactions with partners and referral businesses. 



“RandR separates themselves with their efficient style of service, clear communication and specialism in creating luxury experiences. As a partner, we are are thrilled to be working alongside such excellence and recommend the RandR experience in full.”

Crown Ink-orporated

"The professional, reliable and efficient nature of RandR concierge is what drove us to seeking partnership. The proficiency of such an operation can only help increase our own business.”

AGP Consultants

“We are thrilled to be long-term partners with RandR. The company has great leadership and a client first approach. Values such as integrity and transparency are ones that align perfectly with our objectives, and this makes this a great fit and we are thrilled to be able to deliver collaboratively with them.”




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“RandR Concierge was instrumental in finding and booking accommodation for 15 members of a FimbaGB Basketball squad. Although our requirements re the number of properties changed during the booking process RandR Concierge were extremely understanding and efficient. We were provided with a first class, friendly service and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Team Manager


“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien


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